Today many new homes come equipped with the “Tubes in the Walls”
pest control system. The technology has been around since the early 90s and, if used properly, can be an effective tool in the treatmentt of pests in your home.

Unfortunately, there are many myths about this insect control system. I am one of the first pest control providers in the DFW area to provide this service and I would like to clear up a few of these myths.

Myth 1: I can have effective pest control treatment using only Pest Tubes. This treatment inside the wall is just a small part of an overall pest control solution which may be recommended by your pest control professional. Most of your insect problems come from outside and it is better to base most of your treatmnet where the bugs are.

Myth 2: The only company that can service my Pest Tube system is the copany that installed it. You purchase Pest Tubes when you purchase your home – just like purchasing security systems, plumbing, and electrical. Any licensed, professional pest control technician can service your Pest Tube system.

Myth 3: Anybody can treat my in-wall Pest Tubes system. There are several factors involved in the actual treatment – as with all chemical pest control treatments – and you should carefully select only a licensed and trained Pest Control technician to service your Pest Tube system.

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