Soldier Termite with Workers

This part of Texas is in the “Termite Belt”. The Eastern Subterranean Termite is the most common termite in Texas and lives in underground colonies located between 5 and 30 feet below the surface. A colony can easily be larger than several home sites in our suburban neighborhoods. Worker termites continuously leave the colony to find food and bring it back to the colony. Since termites eat wood, unprotected homes are an attractive food source.

Recently, the Formosan Termite has been found in our area. The Formosan has an appetite that is much larger than the Eastern Subterranean these termites can literally devastate a home in less than a year. Most of the colonies that have been identified in North Texas have been traced back to imported railroad ties that are used in landscaping.

Request a Control Plan Estimate

After your inspection, our Technician will recommend the appropriate termite pest control for your structure and property. Considerations in determining the right pest control treatment involve the type of construction (basement, mobile home, etc), type of foundation (slab or pier and beam), conducive conditions, the homeowner’s plans for the structure and homeowner’s budget.

Your pest control plan may include repellant as well as preventive treatments. Be sure to ask our Technician about what is included in you customized treatement plan.

Non-Repellant Liquid (Termidor/Premise/Phantom)

Using one of these top of the line chemicals, Termite King can provide customers with a complete choice of pest control treatment processes. Termites cannot detect these special products and upon entering a treated zone they become “micro-sponges”, transporting the chemical back to the colony – diminishing or eliminating it. While these chemicals have similar modes of action, choosing the right product for the job is critical if chemical sensitivity or level of toxicity is a concern.

Traditional pest control treatment can be extensive or minimal depending upon the customer’s desired level of protection. The optimal level of protection is achieved when all possible termite entry points are treated (plumbing penetrations, slab seams, outside foundation). However, a reduced level of protection can be obtained at a considerable savings by treating only the area where active termites are observed if budget considerations are a priority. A Termite King termite technician will identify the appropriate pest control treatment process and the right selection of a termiticide – given your circumstances.

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